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  • Nick Londono

Deck Building 101: The Basics

The process of building a deck can vary drastically project to project, but there are things that you generally need to take into consideration. Here are some basic guidelines to help you understand how the deck building process works.

  1. Planning - your planning stage will include deciding on the shape, location and access for your deck as well as what purpose you will be using your deck for. Will you be entertaining? Relaxing? Dining? These are all things that will determine how you build your deck.

  2. Choose the right materials. Some materials will be more durable than others, and each material will be harder or easier to clean. You will also need to decide on what you want your deck material to look like and what colors will match your house or landscaping.

  3. Depending on how large your structure will be and where you live you may need to obtain permits. It is wise to do this well in advance so you can make sure you are in compliance with any city rules.

  4. Hire a professional to ensure that your deck is done in a safe and durable way and that it will last as long as possible. Deck builders should be licensed, insured and have years of work under their belt.

  5. Prepare to build. In some cases it is necessary to move dirt, demo an existing build or even remove trees and bushes.

  6. Installing the framework is the first real building step. You will need to attach the deck to the house and build the foundation of the deck.

  7. Lay decking boards and ensure that they lay flat and level.

  8. Installing railings and stairs is typically the last step in your deck building process.

  9. Enjoy your deck! Decorate and add your finishing touches to make your deck truly yours.

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